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<p> Everything starts with you, the Child Care worker. According to a study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, quality child care may have the biggest impact in the long-term development of any child. </p> <p> Good child care workers can ensure that future students have better vocabulary and math skills, and generally behave much better. Child Care workers have a bid responsibility, and has a responsibility to them. </p> <p> caters to child care providers, teachers, case managers, specialists, aides and assistants, listing positions at residential care facilities, government facilities or elementary and secondary schools. Whether you are a child care professional looking to change positions or an institution looking to hire a child care worker, is the resource for you. Our philosophy at is to focus on obtaining the best resources for finding jobs for child care workers-instead of making you sift through irrelevant job postings. </p> <p> With high turnover in the business, positions are being created faster than they can be filled. If you're a skilled and experienced child care providers, this is a great time to take another look at the marketplace. Check out our <a href="" class="accent-link">updated listing of new child care positions</a> or <a href="" class="accent-link">sign up for our free email of new child care listings</a>. </p>