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Child care Advice: How to Handle Shy Children who only want Mommy

While some children are happy and eager to attend childcare in the morning and afternoons, many children are not. For some young children, the idea of leaving Mommy for the day can be traumatizing. After all, children are so used to having their Mommy around that she becomes a personal security blanket. These children will often become shy and upset when they are dropped off at the childcare center. It is your job to keep them happy, entertained and most importantly, willing to learn. Teaching a shy child to come out of his shell and let go of his Mommy is a lot harder than you may think. However, with the below tips you can help a shy child let go of Mommy and come into his own.

1.      Let him be Upset

When Mommy goes, the child is going to be upset. Don't get mad at him for it. Stay close by and let him have a little cry. Day by day it will get easier. However, you cannot get mad or upset at him for voicing his emotions. This will only make it worse and he will come to think of the childcare center as a scary place.

2.      Don't Pick on Him

Make sure you don't point him out for being shy. When doing group activities with the other children, never put your shy child on the spot. This will cause him to retract even more into his shell, and, in some instances, it can cause him to throw a fit. You need to involve him in all the activities without calling attention to him.
3.      Draw them out Slowly
It is your job to take care of the children and ensure that they are having a good time, even the shy ones. You cannot ignore a shy child just because he is shy. Let him come to you and work slowly. You need to put in the extra effort, time and patience.

4.      Work with Mom

If the shy child is not getting any better, you need to form a partnership with the parents. Have them work with the shy child at home, getting him excited for childcare the next day. Treats and rewards often work best.
You need to remember what it felt like to be a young child, scared and missing your Mommy. Remain compassionate and understanding. It may take time and patience, but eventually, he will come around.

By Michelle Simmons
Get Childcare Jobs, Contributing Editor

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